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Thank you to all the selfless men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Never taken for granted. #memorialday #SomeGaveAll chadabizeid photo

#POLL by ⁦ @CBSNews⁩: Most Americans Want Democrats To Stop Investigating Trump Over Russia - The Daily Caller

As you may know, I am a simple man. So, I have an easy question for Nancy Pelosi who has accused President Trump of a “cover up.”

A cover up of what? Incredibly, you didn’t say - and no press person asked you, as far as I know.

What. Is. The. Cover Up?

Michael Avenatti claims his latest indictment has Trump’s fingerprints all over it. No, Michael: you were indicted because Stormy Daniels’ $300,000 book advance had YOUR fingerprints all over it. But CNN still likes you I’m sure.

Life is full of hardships and heaviness, but we have the promises of God to help us and the Holy Spirit within us. If you're prone to worry, turn your thoughts upward, thinking of heaven and its eternal throne.

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